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How You Can See Google Search Results for Different Locations

It’s likely that what you and I see when we make the same query or search for the same phrase on Google is different. The results that Google and other search engines display depend on a number of things including: The devices we use Search habits Your current location While the search results Google displays […]

mobile first indexing - vfmseo


Mobile-first indexing is the platform designed for mobile phones to move from desktop to other contents inside the mobile and outside through the internet. Google is the most dominantly used for this purpose. It is Google’s continuous efforts to make it possible a mobile-friendly. It is a mobile version of the website, when we see […]

onand off page seo


On-page SEO, also known as on-site SEO, is the optimization of your domain so that others can reach your website quickly, while off-page SEO is the activities outside your realm. It deals with social media marketing. On-page SEO in 2020: It is optimizing your URLs contents. Easy Reachable URLs. How to describe and chose a […]



Let’s suppose you have launched a new brand, and you are selling your products online. The website is just perfect, but you have one major problem with it. No customer can find it. Your brand now depends on the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). This procedure of digital marketing can solve your problem by putting your […]

responsive web design - vfmseo

How to create a mobile-friendly website?

As per to 2016, people used mobile internet more than computers. People find it comfortable using a mobile internet ever since Apple introduced its first smartphone, and mobile internet users have become a random part of our everyday usage. Many owners get their mobile version from affordable website design services to save time and provide […]

Marketing 101 - VFMSEO USA

Internet Marketing 101: Small Business Marketing Ideas

Small business marketing means a small business marketing plan that will provide an outline, how it can reach the ideal customer effectively by setting apart from the competition. For this, many essential steps are needed. The right type of marketing strategy can help grow a business. Marketing for small businesses can be difficult, but if […]


8 Most Affordable SEO Companies for Small Business

Many owners of small businesses know the functions of SEO, but they don’t know the ways to make SEO work. You know SEO is of significant value to an E-Commerce enterprise, but there can’t be any price on it. You know you have to spend some money on SEO, but you are unaware of the […]

web 2.0 backlinks-vfmseo

Does Web 2.0 Backlinks Work: Step-by-Step – VFM SEO

It’s true that web 2.0 backlinks work, but you know there’s a risk to everything that gives you an advantage. Web 2.0 backlinks are quite secure, but no matter how much you try to build them, you have to be super cautious. It’s effective, it’s the way to go! You should know that using web […]

articles citations - VFM SEO USA

What are the articles and types? How to cite it?

ARTICLE: We all go through various articles in our daily life. But this article will give u a compact awareness of all the queries related to article writing, its types, article submission services and citation of articles. Before proceeding let’s see what the article is. An article is a summarized piece of information catering to […]

SEO Audit 2020 Checklist - VFMSEO

How to Perform a Technical Seo Audit to Boost Your Google Rankings

Every business website that is representing a business, needs proper SEO to reach the best google ranking websites. According to experts before a company starts the implementation of its SEO strategy it should make sure that the website does not have any technical problems and is 100% optimized for all the search engines. The on-site […]


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