Hierarchy of Needs in Content Creation and SEO Copywriting

What we will talk about in the text in front of you is what the hierarchy of needs in creating content means, and do you know how to define, set it and, in accordance with it, act? And what does SEO copywriting have to do with it? Creating content that turns the audience into clients […]

Copywriting For The Web

What is Web Copywriting? How it Affects SEO?

So, you want to be a copywriter. But just what is web copywriting? It would be best if you found out because writing for websites and other online products will be a massive part of what you do. Small businesses with blogs get 126% more lead growth than small businesses without; half of 18 to […]

What is Content Syndication and How can it Improve SEO?

A major problem small website owners face is scaling the visibility of their content. But what if there was a way to increase views on your content without doing anything too extra? It’s pretty sure you would jump on it. Content syndication can help you attract more views and reach audiences that your website would […]

What Happens When Your Content Does Not Perform Well?

At one point or the other, every content marketer and professional SEO experts have grown worried that their content is not performing as well as they had expected. Content marketing might now be mainstream, but many marketers haven’t attained the amount of success that they hope to achieve. So what happens then? Over the years, […]

Common Content Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2020

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy driven by the provision of relevant informational content to a target audience in order to improve sales. Content marketing hinges on building a relationship with your customers over time and winning their loyalty. Unlike other forms of marketing, it is a rather long-term approach, with continuous results. But it […]

articles citations - VFM SEO USA

What are the articles and types? How to cite it?

ARTICLE: We all go through various articles in our daily life. But this article will give u a compact awareness of all the queries related to article writing, its types, article submission services and citation of articles. Before proceeding let’s see what the article is. An article is a summarized piece of information catering to […]

Why is long form content making waves in content marketing?

Content marketing is an integral part of SEO, and both must work in tandem to provide the best marketing results. Despite being quite different in concept and implementation, the fact remains that SEO and content marketing must complement each other to succeed in online marketing. Therefore, one can safely surmise that SEO cannot do without […]


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